Air Lift for Cable Laying

  • Tested and proven to greater than 3:1 over maximum working pressure.
  • Supports cable fully and gently, with reduced risk of kinking.
  • No stress point loads.
  • 50% reserve buoyancy factor at maximum working depth.
  • Low capital cost.
  • Surface control of the sinking process.
  • Can be towed at up to 5 knots.
  • Lift capacities from 15-130 kg/m.
  • Compact and therefore cost-effective to ship, store and deploy.
  • No need for excessive cable tension.
  • Eliminates loss of individual floats.
  • Systems can be supplied with Seaflex technicians, or we can train your people to use it efficiently themselves.
  • Delivered ready for immediate use with universally compliant documentation:
    SeaSerpent™ specific log book containing certification, service records and operating manual.